Individual school-boat. Banjarmasin      

     1. Demokratisering og inkluderende utvikling (Democratisation and inclusive   


       This is a yearly bilingual lecture during the concluding course for BA-level students in development studies at the University of Oslo.

       The focus is on the problems of the third wave of democracy and the challenges of combining democratisation with sustainable rights

       and welfare based development.

      2. Vad orsakade och karaktäriserade det politiska folkmordet i Indonesien 1965-1966?

     (What were the causes and character of the political genocide in Indonesia 1965-1966?)

       This was a yearly contribution to Professor Bernt Hagtvet’s popular course at the University of Oslo on human rights and genocide   

       which, unfortunately terminated after his retirement. The lecture may now be given separately. It draws extensively on results recently 

       summarised in my review article  ‘The legacies of the Indonesian counter-revolution: New insights and remaining issues’ Journal of

       Contemporary Asia   (2019) ttps://DOI:10.1080/00472336.2019.1616105.PDF

      3. Politikk i sør: normer og realiteter under den andre og tredje     


          Detta är en föreläsning om den tredje demokrativågens uppgång och fall, och konsekvenser för Nord, inom ramen för masterkursen   

          ’RETKOM4123 – Ideer, diskurser og makt: Kritiske perspektiver på tekst og samfunn’, Universitetet i Oslo.

      4. Kerala Efforts at Inclusive Development in View of the Global Crisis of Social 


          The public Puthupally Raghavan Memorial Lecture, November 2018, arranged by the Kerala Council for Historical Research. See 

           published version of the lecture.PDF

      5. Indonesia’s New Populist Order and Diffused Progressives in Comparative Perspective.

           Public lecture at University of the Philippines, 2018.

           Published in CIDS discussion paper series 18-002 ISSN 2619–7448 (print) ISSN 2619–7456 


      6. Varför hotas demokratin i det globala Syd?

            Offentlig populärt formulerad föreläsning i flera editioner.