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  • ‘From irony of success to tragedy of failure’failure’ Jakarta Post 30.10.20 PDF.

  • ‘Homage to AE Priyono’. Jakarta Post 15 04.20 PDF.

  • ‘In memoriam: Arief Budiman, architect of the democracy movement’, Jakarta Post 04.20, PDF.

  • ‘The rise and crumbling of reformist populism in Indonesia’ Jakarta Post 29 and 30.10.19 PDF.

  • ’The Politics of Amnesia’ Economic and Political Weekly 3 Oct 2015 (full version) cit with PDF in article section – Indonesia. Short version; ’The Politics of Amnesia’ Jakarta Post 29.09.15) PDF.

  • ‘From Neoliberalism to New-Etatism’, Jakarta Post 18 Dec, 2014. PDF.

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  • ‘Stagnation or Transformation in Jokowi’s Indonesia?’ Tempo (English Edition) November 23, 2014, Jakarta. PDF.

  • ‘Indonesia’s Democratization Stagnant but Not Lost’, Jakarta Post, February 25, 2014. PDF. 

  • ‘Megawati’s Indian Lessons’, Jakarta Post, December 16, 2013. PDF.

  • ‘Democracy Bashing: On Corruption and Peace’ In Aceh, Jakarta Post, 27 January 2012. PDF.

  • ‘Is Social Democracy Being Undermined?’ (2011) Economic and Political Weekly (op.cit. with PDF in article/essays – general section)

  • ‘The Maestro of Civil Society Work (Remembering Asmara Nababan)’ Jakarta Post, 8 November /2010. PDF. 

  • ‘Remembering Joesoef Isak's Contribution to Democracy’, Jakarta Post, August 21, 2009. PDF.

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  • ‘C’mon, Bung, Let’s Get It Back’, Tempo, October 18, 2004. (In Indonesian in Edisi11-17 October) PDF

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  • ‘An Open Letter to Indonesian Reformists’ (about the need for a genuine truth and reconciliation commission on the 1965/66 massacres), Jakarta Post, April 17, 2000. PDF

  • ‘Students Deserve Peace Prize’ – Jakarta Post 1999-10-07. 

  • ‘Reconciliation a Must in East Timor’ - Jakarta Post/on line edition Jakarta. 1999-09-28 (also with the title Crisis in East Timor in Economic and Political Weekly (Bombay) Vol. XXXIV:39, 1999) - Jakarta Post, Jakarta, 1999-09-27/28. PDF to EPW version

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  • ‘Old Communism Irrelevant’ (during the crackdown on democracy activists branded as communists) in Jakarta Post,1996-08-23. PDF